Get ready to FLY! It’s the Full Moon in Gemini (18/19 December 2021)

Hermes flying in sky with Full Moon in Gemini

OH, I am excited about this Gemini Full Moon, arriving at 28º of the sign of the sacred twins

RIsing at 20:34 PT on the 18th, and 04:34 UK time on the 19 December, the Gemini Full Moon comes at a time of such energetic constriction (do you feel it?!) but this complex, quick and breezy zodiac sign is one of the free-est we have.

With a Gemini Full Moon, comes speed…





…All on the winds of breath and truth (on a good day 😉 )

The ruler of the sign hosting this week’s Full Moon – Mercury (or Hermes in Greek myth) was the messenger

Quick-footed (adorned with winged sandals, no less!), cunning, and able to move freely between the worlds.

Mercury doesn’t seek the truth in quite the same way that this cycle’s Sagittarian beginning encouraged us to do. Instead, he carries it, disperses it, and forms the missing link between what we know and what others need to know…

Gemini is the channel

…But don’t forget that sometimes channels can get misty, murky, or even tricksy and mischievous: bending the truth, skewing the message, or misaligning the meaning or the moral.

This Gemini Full Moon could go either way…

Mutable (changeable + flexible) energy is on a HIGH, and you’ll likely feel this phase to be full of intangible, fact-moving, fast thinking influences. This could send you into a spin. OR blow through the dusty corridors of your life, enlivening, activating, and clearing out the cobwebs.

Check whether you have any mutable energy in your chart (planets in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces). If not, then this Full Moon may feel too fast for you, perhaps. You may need to be creative, to think on your (winged) feet…

But if these shifting sands have you feeling at ease, then harness them!

Dive right into the change you seek…

Usher in new perspectives…

Call in curiosity!

When the Moon moves into this air sign (and especially when she’s Full here) the fabric of thoughts, ideas and potentials can all ripple into something quite new.

In Gemini, nothing is set in stone.

You get to decide what gets created next. You get to whisper it into being, unhindered…

Look outside of yourself…

The Sagittarius – Gemini astrological axis is being activated right now. And this throws the collective focus from the individual (where we’re all just thinking of ourselves!) to the OTHER. Truly. Go deep and you’ll see that so much of the virtue-signaling you see is really just a frightened mask…

This Moon wants us to think about how we can really care for our brothers and sisters in this changing world.

Gemini will hold you in the shallows if that’s only how far you’re prepared to go. But there’s depth here if you’ll dive.

And look far, far within…

At the start of the Month, the Sagittarius New Moon Solar eclipse had us truth-seeking and freedom-fighting. And that’s not about to change any time soon…

But this week the Gemini Full Moon is illuminating where that truth has been obscured, until now.

All Full Moons bring beams of realisation. They are spotlights into the unknown..

Including the ones within us.

The changeable, fluid, and mercurial nature of this Moon reminds you that It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to switch your opinion when new information comes to light…

AND it’s also okay for others to do this too.

SO if your nearest and dearest seem to be diverting their perspectives with lightning speed… let them! Allow this side of their awakening to find its full expression – you’d want that too, right?

This Gemini Full Moon also comes to shine a light on our human multiplicity

The myriad of kinds of people is what makes our collective SO wonderful.

Our differences are to be cherished…

Not amalgamated.

Gemini knows this. Gemini Moons give us the capacity to keep many balls up in the air at once, to juggle and serve many different masters with many different guises… BUT there is a trickster-y thread weaving its way through this lunation. Despite the illumination, all may not be as it seems. So keep your wits about you.

Under this Full and potent Moon, we must beware of taking shortcuts. You must beware of pleasing others, of saying and doing what they want to hear and see, yet neglecting the highest essence that wants to speak through you.

Gemini is the linguist of the zodiac

Words and poetry, utterings, parlance, and incantations can roll off the tongue with ease and persuasion, but remember to keep your message clear. Lit by this Moon, speak from your heart.

It’s worth noting that expansive Jupiter (at 28º of Aquarius) makes a glittering trine to the Moon at 28º of Gemini

Astrological trines are buoyant and harmonic. They bring out the best of each planetary energy and combine into something of beauty…

So your inner mercurial soul – your communicative, connective, and sociable self is being called on to shine and expand, through Jupiter’s positive presence. As the ruler of Sagittarius – where this whole cycle began – this is an extra touchstone. A place to pause, strengthen, resolve.

There is a lot of potential here under this Gemini Full Moon

The Full Moon is receiving, holding, and reflecting this potential for the collective. As the very last lunar peak for the year 2021, she’s riding HIGH! And asking us to do the same…

But to receive true insight and clarity, you may need to slow down a little. Let her light, her wisdom and her medicine move through you unimpeded.

We’re each the messenger here.

With this particular flavour of lunar light flowing through your inner waters, your blood, and your bones at this time, you too have the capacity to move between the worlds. This is the nature of Gemini. Of Hermes.

You are being charged to slip through the veil, and bring back the information that’s ready to be shared. The information Gemini seeks already exists in the ether, the matrix, the divine mind. It only needs clear and open hearts to seed into.

Is yours open, ready, and waiting?

Take this lesson during the Gemini Full Moon, and hold off the Sagittarian search for just a moment. See how it feels to release YOUR mind…

And surrender to the messages that want to move through you

Wishing you SO much full Moon clarity


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