BEST Full Moon Affirmations for Every Month in 2024

Full Moon in cloudy sky with full Moon affirmations in text

Full Moon affirmations are positive statements that resonate with a strong desire. As a powerful tool for harnessing the peak energy of the lunar cycle, they can help you both manifest AND, break free from the limiting beliefs that are stopping you creating your dream life!

The full Moon is a time of heightened energy, illumination, and magnetism. It occurs midway through the lunar cycle, when the creative and spiritual power of the Moon is at its greatest.

This makes it the perfect time to use affirmations, to help all your full Moon wishes and prayers become brand-new beliefs and realities.

Full Moons also hold the energy of release, which means the Moon’s energy at this time, can be used for letting go of the things that no longer serve you. So as well as encouraging magnetism and attraction, affirmations can be used to release negative energy.

How to Harness full Moon energy with an affirmation practice

Affirmations are a powerful tool to attract good luck on a full Moon. Whether you want to manifest more abundance, cultivate positive thoughts, or simply become the best version of yourself, affirmations can help!

Despite seeming so simple, affirmations do help to eradicate the negative thoughts and self-doubt that fuel self-sabotaging habits. If you’re someone who lets limiting beliefs and fear dictate your mindset, using affirmations can be game changing. And they’re SUPER easy to put into practice!

On the night of a full Moon, go outside and recite the full Moon affirmation to yourself, with confidence and belief that what you are saying is true. Positive affirmations help program your unconscious mind to expect positive outcomes. They can shift your mindset to attract luck, so it’s unavoidable!

You can also use affirmations in your full Moon rituals – whether your Moon ritual is designed for manifestation or release, incorporating your favourite full moon affirmations can help lead you towards your highest path.

Complete list of full Moon affirmations for every full Moon this year

Below is a list of my favorite full Moon affirmations to use throughout the year, as the Moon peaks in a different zodiac sign.

If you track the lunar cycles through your natal chart, you can also use these affirmations when the Full Moon rises in the corresponding astrological house in your chart, too.

Aries full Moon affirmations  (September Full Moon)

  • I am confident in my abilities and trust in my intuition
  • As a natural-born leader, I inspire others to achieve greatness and this elevates us all
  • The new beginnings I set intentions for are filled with possibility
  • It is safe for me to be assertive and stand up for what I believe in
  • Today is a new beginning
  • Passion fills me up as I move towards my goals with open arms
  • My resilience and self worth enable me to bounce back from setbacks with ease
  • Independence and self-sufficiency are my natural states
  • I am creative and innovative, solving any problems with ease and originality
  • I am unstoppable in my pursuit of success and fulfilment

Taurus full Moon affirmations (October Full Moon)

  • I am grounded and stable. I embrace my inner strength and resilience with ease
  • Abundance and prosperity flow effortlessly into my life, surrounding me with blessings and opportunities
  • I am filled with gratitude for the richness and beauty that fills my life
  • Trust and loyalty help me to nurture deep and lasting connections
  • I prioritize self-care and honor my physical body, nurturing it with love and kindness
  • I deserve joy and contentment, life’s luxuries surround me and I notice the blessings that fill my life
  • Serenity and peace fill me up, I am grounded deeply in the present moment
  • I stand firm in my values and integrity, unwavering in my convictions and true to myself
  • It is safe for change to unfold in my life. I release old patterns and let go of whatever no longer serves me with grace and openness
  • I sow the seeds of my dreams with good intentions and unwavering determination

Gemini full Moon affirmations (November Full Moon)

  • I am ready to embrace the spirit of curiosity and adaptability
  • I communicate with clarity and confidence, I express my thoughts and ideas with a natural flow
  • My past self does not dictate my path today. I am guided to embrace change and remain open to new experiences
  • I am grateful for the complexity of life and celebrate my own multidimentional nature
  • Change is my ally, and I welcome the abundance of opportunities surrounding me in every moment
  • My creativity is flourishing and I express myself freely and authentically in all situations
  • I gracefully adapt to life’s ever-changing rhythm with spontaneity and pleasure
  • Meaningful conversations and connections fill my life
  • My mind is clear and focused. I let go of all mental clutter to welcome clear, positive thoughts
  • I am a lifelong learner, open to new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth

Cancer full Moon affirmations (December Full Moon)

  • My emotions are my power, and they are constantly leadinf me toward my highest good
  • Nurturing and compassion flow from me effortlessly, enriching my own life and the lives of those around me
  • I trust my intuition to lead me toward my goals and aspirations
  • I am strong and resilient. I face any challenge with ease and grace
  • Love and support envelop, surrounding me with warmth and encouragement
  • Creativity is my vibrant expression, bringing joy and fulfillment as I share my art and creativity with the world
  • Love and gratitude flow through my heart, for the comfort and security of my home, which is a sanctuary of peace and contentment
  • It is safe for me to commit to relationships and I work to cultivate trust and deep connection with those I love
  • Love and respect are my birthright, and I honor myself and others with unwavering compassion and kindness.
  • My past is a source of wisdom. I infuse all past mistakes and past hurts with healing energy so I can meet my future with excitement

Leo full Moon affirmations (January Full Moon)

  • In every situation, I exude confidence and self-assurance
  • My natural charisma and leadership inspire others to reach for greatness, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and success
  • Creativity is my vibrant expression
  • Generosity flows from me effortlessly. I willingly share my abundance with those around me, enriching their lives with warmth and support
  • Passion ignites me from within, propelling me forward with unwavering determination, focus and pleasure
  • My cherished circle embraces me with love and admiration, surrounding me with warmth and appreciation
  • Courage is my constant companion. I live fearlessly, embracing new opportunities with adventure and excitement
  • I deserve success and recognition, I let go of any self doubt and
  • I exude confidence and self-assurance in all aspects of my life, radiating a sense of inner strength and poise
  • My heart is open to the abundant beauty infusing every moment with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

Virgo full Moon affirmations (February Full Moon)

  • My life is a beautiful machine operating with efficiency and organization
  • I approach any challenges them with a practical and analytical mindset, easily finding innovative solutions that lead to success
  • I am a mistress of detail, recognizing the sacred significance of every small thing, and its impact on the bigger picture
  • Commitment and discipline are the cornerstones of my journey.
  • It is safe to let go of whatever does not serve my vision
  • I navigate life with clear sight, embracing every opportunity with wisdom and intuitive clarity
  • I am a wellspring of resourcefulness, taking care of myself, effortlessly finding solutions
  • My home and work environment are serene and peaceful, nurturing my soul
  • Every moment is filled with wonder and appreciation.
  • Love and respect flow to me and from me, as I honor myself and others with unwavering compassion and kindness.

Libra full Moon affirmations (March Full Moon)

  • I embody balance and harmony, creating a symphony of peace and fulfillment in every aspect of my life.
  • I attract and nurture meaningful, fulfilling relationships
  • Creativity is my playground, where I joyfully explore new ideas and inspiration
  • Beauty surrounds me
  • Fairness and justice guide my actions. Integrity and equity are at the heart of all my dealings with others.
  • Love and respect flow to me and from me, as I honor myself and others with unwavering compassion and kindness
  • I am open to giving and receiving love, fostering harmonious and supportive relationships with those around me
  • I am deserving of loving and respectful relationships, and I cultivate connections that uplift and empower me to be the best version of myself.
  • I let go of all attachments and codependency
  • Amidst chaos and uncertainty, I find inner peace and balance, cultivating a sense of calm and stability that anchors me in every situation

Scorpio full Moon affirmations (April Full Moon)

  • I trust my instincts and listen closely to my inner voice, leading me boldly toward my aspirations and dreams
  • My passion fuels my drive, propelling me fearlessly toward my deepest desires and ambitions
  • I triumph over every challenge that crosses my path with unwavering strength and determination.
  • I let go of the need to stay the same. Embracing transformation, I am a catalyst for personal evolution and growth
  • I am resilient and adaptable, gracefully navigating the journey toward becoming the best version of myself
  • Every day I am evolving and transforming into a more empowered and enlightened being
  • Every success and abundance that comes my way is well-deserved, and I embrace them with gratitude and open arms.
  • My sexual energy as a natural and vital part of my being, and I love and honor its power to bring joy and connection
  • I allow universal energy to flow freely through my world, enriching my relationships and experiences with passion and vitality
  • The depth and intensity of my emotions are a source of guidance, leading me fearlessly toward my highest good and most authentic self

Sagittarius full Moon affirmations (May Full Moon)

  • I embrace new experiences with adventure and curiosity
  • My life is filled with optimism and positivity
  • Confidence fills me up from the inside, I am unshakable
  • I live in curiosity, soaking up new knowledge and understanding
  • Positivity and good vibes energize me
  • Every day brings me new opportunities, and I eagerly seek out new experiences that expand my horizons
  • I am open to the unknown, I am ready to discover the magic that awaits
  • Every moment is infused with a sense of wonder and possibility
  • I am the architect of my journey, I fearlessly chart new paths and create vibrant, unforgettable experiences
  • Gratitude fills my heart and I approach each moment with wonder and appreciation

Capricorn full Moon affirmations (June full Moon)

  • I am unwaveringly disciplined and fully committed to achieving every one of my goals
  • I am responsible and reliable in all my interactions
  • With patience and persistence, I pursue my dreams with unwavering determination
  • Every success that comes my way is well-deserved, and I embrace them with gratitude
  • I am the architect of my success, and the the future I’m building is filled with achievement and prosperity
  • Every step I take is purposeful, leading me toward a future of abundance and fulfilment
  • I am committed to cultivating the mindset and habits of success
  • Every action I take aligns with my vision for a prosperous and rewarding future
  • I am proactive and resourceful
  • I am the master of my destiny, every day I am shaping a future that reflects my dedication

Aquarius full Moon affirmations (July Full Moon)

  • I am fearless as I embrace my unique and individual nature
  • I am open to seeing and doing things radically differently
  • Every day I make a positive impact on the world
  • Embracing my uniqueness contributes to the creation of a vibrant and diverse new Earth
  • Every day I trust my vision for a new world, knowing it will manifest stronger and stronger
  • Spirit guides my actions, inspiring me to contribute to a future filled with compassion, understanding, and unity
  • I channel creative ideas from a higher power, to make positive change in the world
  • I have the power to shape the new Earth that is filled with boundless possibilities
  • Every step I take is infused with purpose and intention
  • I am a visionary leader, I dedicate myself to manifesting an Earth of love and interconnectedness

Pisces full Moon affirmations (August Full Moon)

  • I trust the wisdom of Spirit, allowing its guidance to lead me toward a path of purpose, fulfilment, and inner peace
  • My intuition is my compass
  • I embrace the boundless potential of my imagination as it ignite creativity and innovation in every aspect of my life.
  • I am open and receptive to the wisdom, clarity and insight of the universe
  • I trust in the unseen forces that guide and protect me, knowing that I am always supported and guided by the loving energy of the universe
  • My imagination unlocks infinite possibilities
  • Everything is unfolding in perfect alignment with my highest good and soul’s purpose
  • I surrender to the flow of divine timing, as I allow the perfect unfolding of my life’s journey
  • Every moment is a part of the divine tapestry of my life, and I am led toward experiences and opportunities that enrich my path
  • I express gratitude for the limitless love and blessings bestowed upon me


How to use full Moon affirmations

You can find lists of affirmations, or write your own. Ensure they are written in the present tense and use positive wording. Avoid negative statements, for example instead of saying “I live without fear”, say “I live fearlessly”.

To make the most of any affirmations, it’s important to use them often and consistently.

Start on the day or night of the Full Moon, incorporating them into your existing Moon rituals, or create an entire full Moon ritual around one affirmation.

I like to create sacred space, then write my full Moon affirmations down on a piece of paper, and place them under the light of the Full Moon overnight.

Then in the morning, you can gather them up and place them somewhere prominent – on your altar, on the bathroom mirror, in your journal – wherever you’ll see them.

Be sure to say your full Moon affirmation at least once a day until the last quarter Moon, and for the rest of the lunar cycle. Try to make it a part of your morning or evening routine, or both!

Repetition is key – full Moon affirmations work best when used until the next New Moon at least. 

This is because, during the waning half of the lunar cycle, energy is being released. You are letting go of unconscious programming, conditioning, old beliefs and habits.

Space is being created…. and your full Moon affirmations will fill those spaces!

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