Peaking on October 20th, 2021, this lunar cycle’s Full Moon sits at 27º of young, fiery Aries

Aries is the glowing ember.

The energy that comes first, kicking off the whole journey around the zodiac, the whole journey of growth, healing and increase that we’re ALL taking. Especially now.

That this energy of vital new beginnings is being illuminated by this Full Moon feels really important. It’s important in my own life – deafeningly so. And so, I sense it’s important in other lives too. In yours, perhaps?

This is a calling back to basics, back to the first flame of what matters, for each of us.

So what DOES matter in the core of who you are?

Right now, for me, what matters is:

  • How my own energy feels.
  • The purity of the energy I put into my work (and into all my interactions)
  • What’s motivating me – honestly.
  • How my intention fuels my actions
  • Which people I allow to receive my attention, time, and focus
  • …AND how conscious I’m being (and staying) about all this.

This Libran lunar cycle so far has been a sharp, stinging lesson for me in discernment

I’ve been shown how easy it is to lose the thread of awareness, and how easy it is to let other people grab hold of that thread and take it for a ride.

But the Full Moon in Aries is calling it back. Coaxing it back. And reminding us HOW vital it is for every individual here on the planet to be the mistress (or master) of their own life force.

This week, The Aries Full Moon is illuminating the sacred flame of the self, reminding us how our attention is the most precious thing we each have. Choosing who we share it with comes a close second…

YES, this Moon is all about the individual… but how we are in relationship with the world impacts our individuality in every moment.

Relationships are a flow of energy

Making a choice about who you enter into relationships with (romantically, as students, and even whose words you choose to read on a blog! IS the conduit for that energy – yours flowing out of you, and the other person’s energy flowing in. It IS as simple as this… yet people’s energy itself is rarely simple, which is why discernment matters SO much.

If you’re not sure if you’re using enough… ask the Moon. Yes, really, ask la Luna to illuminate the blind spots in your own awareness around your partnerships. This Aries Full Moon will shine a spotlight right there for you. Try it… the practice of shamanism, at its core, centers around direct revelation. So don’t take my (or anyone’s!) word for it… let your relationship with la Luna be YOURS. Ask her to teach you directly.

This is the ideal time to invest in your own self-trust.

But how can you actually learn to trust yourself (especially if that trust has been rocked)? Well, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

  • Start by cultivating it.
  • By deciding to trust yourself.
  • By deciding you are *actually* trustworthy.
  • Forget everything that’s happened this far, if you need to, and begin again. Aries style.
  • Set an intention that your voice is the one you will value most in your life.
  • And keep deciding that. Over and over…

These sound like such easy decisions to make, but how many times have you decided not to make them?

If we choose to ride the wave, Aries Moons can fire us up, swelling our self-belief like the rising tides of the ocean, invigorating and re-kindling most vital of relationships.

If issues need to be tackled, if there are blocks to this in your life, this Full Moon can be a blessing. What’s not true can be burned away. NO mercy. NO apologies…

But try to keep a level head as you forge ahead this Full Moon

For those not used to listening to (and being led by) an inner compass, doubts can rise quickly. “Who am I to…?!”

If you recognize that you’re not aligned with your inner fire this week, then cool off. Recalibrate. Respect your own pace. Respect your own rhythm.

Whilst the nature of this Moon is energizing, and initiating, this sign can also bring out the qualities of the fool – the cocky naivety that enables boldness and courage, but also the blind faith which may get you in trouble… The choice is yours, always.

Tap in.
Tap into yourself.
You deserve it.

Full Moon blessings,


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