Luna is still new.

She is emerging into a new cycle, gradually, slowly, and we need to do the same.

She is Void-of-Course in Capricorn from 08:06 GMT until tomorrow morning (entering Aquarius at 01:28 on Saturday) so this is not a day to move quickly or to make big, bold strides forward.

Lunar Voids happen when our Moon is moving through the last degrees of one sign, has made her last planetary aspect there but has not yet entered the embrace of the next. So today, her still energy holds the resonance of Capricorn: its determined, organized, earthly focus, though without a planetary influence to give it direction and impetus.

This means that whilst we may be feeling the desire to plan and organize our lives, seeing a much more secure future if certain things are spurred into motion today, the cosmos is telling us to wait.

Lunar Voids are never wise moments in which to begin … do this when momentum can be shared.

Start tomorrow.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn favours working with the material, tangible and anchored parts of our existence.  So exercising our bodies and connecting with the body of our great Mother Earth will feel wonderful under this Moon.

Regular body-scanning throughout the day will also help to identify and release any physical tension:

Starting at the top of your head, move your conscious awareness through every muscle that you can feel, in turn:

Down the back of your head, face, neck shoulders, arms, chest … and on … slowly and deliberately, relaxing as you go.

Give more time and attention to those muscles you normally flex unknowingly (such as the base of the tongue, around the ears, between the ribs… for example).

Release any tension you find.

Let go.

Our muscles and bones hold memories of their own, so it is not enough to mentally and emotionally disengage from all that we have moved through and wish to release.

Talk to your physical body today, and give it permission to let go of all of the knowings and experiences that it is still holding onto and storing, in the pockets and corners and planes of your physical being.

Let the day, let the season, let the year go.


New Moon blessings,