Luna is moving Void through Sagittarius this morning, as she moves into her darkest lunar phase.  She will be new tomorrow, but for now it’s important not to rush through this day of release and retreat.

When lunar energies are at their lowest ebb, we too can feel tired, introspective and in need of solitude.  But even if this isn’t how you are feeling, it is really worth taking this medicine, heeding these lessons and laying low, resting a little more than usual and claiming some time to go within.

If we don’t do this now, it is inevitable that the need WILL arise later on in the cycle.  Our minds and bodies will begin to express the need for this overdue respite, but the momentum of growth and creation will make it much, much harder to escape.

So now is the time, this is your day.

With Luna Void until 15:11 GMT, this whole day is likely to hold a quality of restriction and inertia (which only actually matters if we are fighting against it!)  The Sagittarian transit may make it hard to be still, and halt the quest, but try.

Try today, to stop getting somewhere, to stop achieving something.

This rest IS important work.


Lunar blessings,