Luna is waning deeper into the last quarter of this cycle, and into deep and mystical Scorpio, a sign of intensity, devotion and passion.

Here, we are being invited to listen deep, and tap into our own inner guidance.

As the most mysterious of all the signs, this Moon will often enhance and amplify our own innate, intuitive gifts and connection to the realms unseen.

But increased sensitivities to the more subtle fields of experience may lead to hyper-feeling within the more grounded, earthly planes, so be gentle with yourself today (especially if you have a LOT to get done, or a lot of different people to catch up with).

And, if you are very busy today, remember to keep pausing on your path, allowing yourself a moment to re-centre and find that soft place of silence within.  Let this place be your guide today, try not to become over-run with what you ‘should’ be doing.

Perfection is within.

Drink plenty of water, to to keep your emotional, and energetic channels moving, and help clear through any blocks you come up against.

And trust yourself – if any fear-based emotions rise up inside, then see them as indictors of an energetic release that is ready to happen.

This is a good thing!  You are being used as a channel to transmute negativity (darkness), and you CAN cope with whatever moves through you.

Try not to attach these difficult emotions to people or situations around you – this will only re-anchor them into your reality, and it is time for them to leave.

So greet them, feel them, and then let them go.

There is no need to have a conversation about it.

Sending you love and calm today,