Luna is moving Void through Libra this morning, making this an ideal time for some gentle reflection, meditation and drawing down the ideas, insights and intellectual patterns currently infusing through your world.

Libra throws a spotlight onto our relationships and partnerships, and how we operate within them.  So today issues of mutual fulfilment, honesty, balance and benefit may pop up for you, asking to be looked at in a more thorough way.

What are your lessons here?

It you sense asymmetry in your life, what is it trying to show you?

Do you need to stand up for yourself?

Do you need to back down?

Do you need to give more?

Do you need to give less?

Change can come.

Libra holds a gentle and kind frequency, but around this middle ground of patience and balance, worlds turn.

We are moving closer to the New Moon in Capricorn (coming in less than a week – on the 29th Dec) so if you do receive the seeds of knowing today, then hold onto them, so that you can weave them through into this next year’s intentions when the time is ripe.