This space contains an archive of the Moon School’s daily devotional offering.

As Luna moves through signs, through phases and through aspects with other planetary bodies, all that occurs above, is reflected down below … we mirror and echo and channel her ebb and flow.  

Sometimes you will feel her strongly, at other times perhaps not at all.  

Both, all and every way of relating is right and good and perfect for you at this time.

Take what you wish, and leave the rest.

My wish is that what YOU receive brings you closer to your path, closer to alignment with your purpose, your truth and your joy.








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Lunar Reading 13th June 2017

Waning lunar light moves through Aquarius today, bringing a day of animated thoughts and a lively mind.

Air rules here, and insight will often appear under this Moon, if we are open to receive it.

Make friends with this element today:
Stand up straight in the wind, let it caress and support you.
Breathe deeply and slowly, inviting it into each cell of your body
Listen closely to the sounds which are carried on its waves.

What does it want to tell you, show you, whisper and confide in you?

Its messages may be quiet and easily missed, but under this Aquarian Moon, they are seeking YOU out, as the messenger.

What you learn, and in turn, express, is for the ears, minds and hearts of everyone.
So be a clear channel today.

Kat (I'll be taking a break for a while .. days, weeks, I'm not quite sure yet but be in touch if you need me in the mean time. Peace ♡)
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Lunar Reading 12th June 2017

Luna wanes through Capricorn, and the element of Earth continues to express through our emotional bodies.

This maybe felt today as heaviness, weight, tired feeling which no longer serve but cannot be let go of.

As Luna’s light begins to dip and lessen, take her lead and release the load that you carry in your heart and your mind.

This may mean dealing with unfinished business: using Capricorn’s tenacity to bring things to completion in your life.
Or it may mean giving yourself permission to stop caring so much, to stop giving so much attention and energy into those things which do not warrant it any more.

It is a day to consciously lighten.

Lunar blessings,
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Lunar Reading 11th June 2017

Lunar energy moves through Capricorn today.

She wanes slowly, now, from her Full phase and the intensity of the last few days (and of the the last weeks) will slow. Or shift, perhaps, to an intensity of a slightly different kind, as the Moon is in detriment under this sign.

Capricorn offers an energy which doesn’t always sit well with the flowing, receptive, emotional tone that la Luna intrinsically offers. Instead, it brings structure and rigidity, firm edges and a truth that does not like to be swayed.

For some, this can offer incredible opportunity to get a LOT of things done – if you can focus your mind, then power can be channelled cleanly and efficiently under this Moon!

But for others, you may need to escape the confines you feel, be with the Earth, the elements, with nature and have those stark edges be smoothed and soothed by her embrace.

Find your escape today.

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Lunar Reading 10th June 2017

Luna moves into the Void at 07:20 BST, still sailing through her bright, buoyant Full phase.

Her energy is bold, dynamic, out-reaching, but may feel ungrounded, so try not to forget to consciously inhabit your body this morning!

Stretch, move, walk, run, explore.
Let your seeking be real, tangible, solid.
Let your wandering be earthly.

When Luna enters Capricorn at 12:36 BST, this move to the physical will be supported even more – in this earth sign, Luna’s energy expresses through us best when we are emotionally connected to what we can touch.

If your focus does move to the future, to plans and goals far ahead of you now on your path (as so often happens under a Capricorn Moon) ground those plans into tangible actions today.

More Full Moon blessings to you!

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Lunar Reading 9th June 2017

Luna reaches her zenith of fullness in fiery Sagittarius at 14:09 today!
Full Moons illuminate and reveal, they bring us to points of realisation, of what we are AND of what we can become.

Your potential is as wide, or as narrow as you frame it to be.

You will achieve as much, or as little as you allow yourself to.

This Moon drives us to expand our horizons, both geographically and mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
SO stretch out under the light of this Full Moon.
Push your edges of what is possible, seek out those who are where you want to be, doing what you never thought you could, but maybe … one day, you can.
See the desired expression of yourself, in others all around you, and LIFT yourself on their example!
Together, WE RISE!

Full Moon blessings to you,


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