This space contains an archive of the Moon School’s daily devotional offering.

As Luna moves through signs, through phases and through aspects with other planetary bodies, all that occurs above, is reflected down below … we mirror and echo and channel her ebb and flow.  

Sometimes you will feel her strongly, at other times perhaps not at all.  

Both, all and every way of relating is right and good and perfect for you at this time.

Take what you wish, and leave the rest.

My wish is that what YOU receive brings you closer to your path, closer to alignment with your purpose, your truth and your joy.








Some of you may know I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of Numerology.
Its a thing guys!
It really is - it’s one of the most accurate arts I’ve come across in a long while, it suits my analytical mind AND my mystical heart, and decoding my own core numbers has literally changed the way I see myself and my mission.

The crossovers between Numerology and Astrology aren’t especially clean cut (why would they be?) but the differences make it all the more intriguing to me…
I see the numbers as placeholders for archetypes.
It’s not about quantity or value, it’s about Universal energy types, and how they express through the only language we have which remains almost completely, neutrally pure.
Numbers can be abstract, without form. And numbers can be geometries - they give way to sound vibrations, and form the building blocks of matter.
I used to sit for hours as a child, next to my dad, solving equations and drawing them as graphs onto pieces of paper. (Yep, I was such a nerd! There wasn’t much else to do!)

Then it was maths.
Now it’s creation.
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∘↠ Saturn edges closer to the galactic center. ↞∘

Do you feel it?

I feel it like a leaden cloud, sitting on my heart... 27 of Sag is also my natal Sun placement so this degree hurts me more than most!

Late last night, unable to sleep, I was musing on Saturn, and I realised this planet of boundaries, limitation and control not only offers a chance to observe where in life we are feeling controlled, but is also an invitation to *take back control*.

Everything can be empowering if looked at through the right lens.

The galactic center is a black hole of epic proportions. It’s as big as 4 billion of our Suns. It’s a vortex of darkness, sucking in and consuming everything in its path.

But it is also ∘↠ the womb of the galaxy ↞∘

It’s darkness forms worlds, it creates *everything*. Known and unknown.
Past, present, future.
The galactic center already contains all that will be, all that could be, all that cannot be. Saturn is here, now, to give us the structure, to call the essence of what we choose, down to Earth, and to *actively participate* in making it real. To take control. ∘
At the moment every potential could land, no one better or worse than the rest.

∘↠ What do you choose? ↞∘
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