This is the archive of the Moon School’s devotional lunar readings and Full and New Moon forecasts.

I spent many years studying the lunar mysteries, and during some of those, I channelled and described her energy daily

Occasionally, I will still share, but it’s a waning practice …

This is where these records live now.

As Luna moves through signs, through phases and through aspects with other planetary bodies, all that occurs above, is reflected down below … we mirror and echo and channel her ebb and flow.  

Sometimes you will feel her strongly, at other times perhaps not at all.  

Both, all and every way of relating is right and good and perfect for you at this time.

Take what you wish, and leave the rest.

My wish is that what YOU receive brings you closer to your path, closer to alignment with your purpose, your truth and your joy.




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If you want to change something in your world – in the solid, 3D reality around you – then you must first make changes energetically.

Rituals serve many purposes, from symbolically seeding intentions to communing with ancestors, and it is these same ancestors who knew the amplification of ritual, derived from “power” days such as New and Full Moons.  

The inky, dark expanse of the New Moon is often likened to the black, fertile soil in which seeds are sown.

Devotion at this time involves deep dreaming, imagining, communing with the Spirits, and diving deep into intuitive awareness above all else. The “work” is happening internally, if at all.  Rest. Let your body heal herself and your Spirit soar.

The Full Moon brings celebration, fruition and illumination: This phase brings insight and shines a spotlight upon areas of life which may previously sit in shadow.

It’s also a time of extreme magnetism and allure, the Goddess is ripe.

Every few days, Luna moves into another astrological sign. This sign and it’s energy flavours the way we receive her light, influence, and ebbing or flowing sensations.

It is a dance.

And one I described here for many years … it’s archive remains here if you wish to dive in!

More recent forecasts written and shared …

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