Luna is waxing Void-of-Course in Leo, almost all day, on this the Vernal Equinox.

An end and a beginning.

The Sun enters Aries today, bringing the fresh, fiery burst of spring we have all been waiting for, to elevate us from a winter of shadow.  But don’t be surprised if it takes you some time to adjust – remember, when Luna shifts from Pisces into Aries, discomfort can even manifest physically, as the reverberations of this celestial movement echo all the way through each body.

It’s the same here.

It has been a long year!

Today’s Lunar Void gives us a perfect opportunity to stay still, to integrate the changes, and absorb the enormity of how far we have come.  You are not the same person you were a year ago.

The ancients held ceremonies and rituals to mark this sacred day, when light caught up with dark, and both were momentarily equal across the globe.

It is a special day on which to mark the changing season, not just on the outside, but through your body too, as you are also a creation of nature.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear or surround yourself with fresh, spring flowers to symbolize budding energy, and re-align your own frequency.  Or meditate with flowers – it’s magical!
  • Take a sacred bath (outdoors, if you’re brave enough!) to consciously cleanse yourself of the dark season, and any shadow that you have been working through.
  • Light a sacred fire, to symbolically burn away any heaviness held by the darker months.
  • Drumming.  Let the rhythm of the Earth move through you, as an instrument:  be the expression of Spring energy!
  • Bake a sunshine cake.  Imbue the mix with goodwill for the season… And eat and enjoy!

A word of warning:  Power days like this are great for firm intention setting, but wait until Luna moves into her next sign (Virgo) at 17:39 GMT.  Until this point, she is still Void, and plans laid under these Moons are unlikely to come to fruition.  No damage will be done, but your efforts may be wasted.

So be sure to spend your day instead, in heartfelt presence and celebration.

Wishing you a joyous equinox.