The Full Moon has arrived, and the peak of this current cycle lies in the purifying, clearing and service-oriented sign of Virgo.

When a Full Moon occurs, by her very nature at that moment, she opposes the Sun, which will be moving through the sign directly facing.  And the opposing, often paradoxical, contrasting qualities contained and embodied by each of those two signs must somehow be joined together, and integrated by us, here, as we spin our lives between each of these heavenly bodies.

So on this spiral, we have Luna (representing our emotional, instinctual, receptive edges) Full in Virgo: highlighting our earthy, fully incarnated selves, and our need to order, control, purify and cleanse, to become more genuinely and authentically whole.

And the Sun (representing our sense of self, our power to make our mark, and be noticed) is in Pisces, the sign of mystical, spiritual, veil-thinning connectedness and surrender.

This Full Moon sees us at the very centre of these two influences, and we are being asked to marry each of them them together, and make sense of their gifts, within our own lives.

Virgo wants us to clear and cleanse, to get rid of the excess in our lives.

The very earthly, solid focus she brings can often mean that when Luna moves through this sign, we can get tangled up in the details, becoming our own personal worst critics.  And this Full Moon brings a real danger of us seeing our flaws so incredibly clearly, that we think we have failed before even having begun (it is only February after all!)

So it is vital to remember, and invite in, the solar counter-balance we are also being offered.

The Sun in Pisces (with the added impact of Neptune’s presence, also in this sign of spirit) reminds us to melt into the comfort and truth of the bigger picture.

There is more going on than simply re-arranging the furniture!

Cleaning up the loose ends, and busying yourself with to-do lists and cleaning jobs on a macro scale is ok: it’s useful, and Virgo drives us to want to do this.  But do not stop lifting up your gaze, and recognizing your sense of personal presence, and your entitlement to exist in the realm of the divine.

This Full Moon is asking us to bring in, and welcome the influence of Pisces into our everyday, and let the sacred have a place here too.

The everyday, and the divine can only exist without  eachother for so long.  But then you begin to realize that they are really, truly, the same thing.

A twenty-minute meditation every day, or a prayer when you need some extra help is beautiful and necessary, but isn’t it time to integrate your connection with this this higher realm with the one you inhabit all the rest of the time?

This Moon wants us to begin to do this, in a real and genuine way.

We are being shown our blocks and barriers to living a more sacred existence, and we’re being encouraged to let them go.  The vast sea of Pisces, out on the very edge of the zodiac is the perfect place to throw and discard whatever is no longer necessary, so go ahead and jettison that load!  Let the strength of this Moon draw away what remains of your reluctance to embrace your divine spirit, as she heads in to retreat once more.

So here, on the ‘death’ Moon, as it is traditionally known (illuminating the sky when Nature appears to be at its lowest ebb), we sit inside this beautiful interplay of earth and supreme, real and mystical, hard and soft.

Let them become each other.

Become them both.


Wishing you a blissful Virgo Full Moon