Sagittarius needs to be questing.

Sagittarius needs to be moving forward, advancing, progressing, breaking new ground and making new discoveries: For the archer, the goal may not need to be tangible, but the growth certainly does.

Friday’s Full Moon sits at almost 19º of Sagittarius, and She illuminates this seeking, searching quality in each of us, compelling us to align, to improve, to make gains on what we know to be true.

Our methods, our manners, our game plans and the approaches we take to our journeys and crusades through life will all be illuminated under the glare of la Luna at this time – She wants to show us all of the tools we have in the box, and just how far they can stretch us.

This is a Moon to expand our perspectives of what is possible for our own personal growth!

So think higher learning, spiritual seeking, mind expansion and the widening of wisdom already held.

This will probably involve pushing through a boundary or two (something this cycle’s origin in Gemini has already been demanding of us) but there is currently a LOT of cosmic cheer and progression, to make this feel do-able!

This week, both Venus and Mercury moved into their ruling signs (which is powerful, supportive, aligning) and Mars traversed into the soothing waters of Cancer.

Progress is tangible.

It is starting to feel as though the truth of  Sagittarian will make itself discoverable.

But there is a hard Neptunian edge to this Lunation too – at the time of the Full Moon, Neptune is squaring both Sun and Moon and this adds some potential for misalignment.

So be discerning about placing too much of your faith and certainty, in any of the vital pieces of the path that you gather from outside of yourself, especially from positions (and people) of authority.  If you’re making decisions, and basing any course corrections that you make on the words of others, be doubly, triply sure that their truth is aligned with yours first.

And if in doubt just wait a few days.

Let the waters clear, let the fire burn out, let the planets shift.

Jupiter stations direct in Libra just hours after the exact Full Moon, and this powerful, expansive influence will amplify whatever you are focusing on.  SO be sure of where you place it over this lunation, be sure that the power you hold is not being lent, shared and offered out too willingly under false pretences.

This Full Moon is a springboard, a zero-point for more than one progressive planetary turns which means that momentum is only just beginning!

So center and align at this Full Moon, before you join your efforts with the curve of the cosmic wheel.

Sending you SO many blessings and  p r o g r e s s i v e  vibes for this Full Moon time!


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