This post is a continuation from Part One of the Divine Feminine series, which you can read here.

We have reached a turning point in our history.  Humanity’s steadily increasing awareness means that we are breaking out of the current control paradigms, and Divine Feminine consciousness is returning in symbiosis with these changing times.  Life is full of its presence – from the incredible coverage of Emma Watson’s UN speech, to the craze for Japanese girls embracing their wild nature, by growing their armpit hair!

So why is the Divine Feminine beginning her rise now, and what can we do to join with her flow?  Amongst so many, here are three main reasons.

 1. It is time for humanity to reconnect to the Earth.

The last few thousand years have seen incredible growth and evolution of our species and the societies we inhabit, but with the passing of many generations, many, many humans on this planet have become gradually, gently distanced from our natural, conscious Earth, or Gaia.
As human beings, we are incredibly sensitive creatures, our bodies, minds and emotions can open so wide:  we have an enormous capacity to consciously and unconsciously absorb the subtle energies that surround us, but the amount of physical contact that many of us, particularly in the West, have with the rawness of the natural states of our planet is limited.

We know that exposure to the natural world makes us feel good, and does make us healthier,  we are learning of the harmonising and re-tuning of our own electromagnetic fields, when they interact and intermingle with those belonging to high vibratory life forms (plants, trees, crystals, etc.)

But the disconnection we are currently experiencing is not simply caused by our physical and sensory distance from nature, though the two certainly do come together.  Our disconnection goes deeper: we have forgotten how to consciously interact with Gaia. By this, I mean to profoundly admire her, to experience deep, visceral involvement with the natural world, genuine delight and wonderment and then allowing ourselves to be lead into intimacy and ultimately to alliance.  And the potential is there for this to happen during a barefoot walk in a vast ancient forest, whilst lying in a city park gazing at the Moon, or even sitting at a desk next to a pot plant.

The point is, our connection to nature, and to Gaia, is a relationship, and relationships need to be cultivated not just through presence, but through involvement.  The further we are willing to go with our involvement, the more we will begin to fuse with her essence – her rhythms, seasons, patterns, and ultimately with her innate ability and function, which is to create and transform.

The powerful energies that keep natures cycles turning, are the very same Divine Feminine energies that every woman has inside of her.  Each women is the embodiment of the same rhythms, seasons, patterns and, yes, powers of creation and transformation. But we have denied ourselves this understanding for a very long time.  One of the keys to truly reconnecting with Gaia, is in the hands of women – we each need to embrace this cyclic, creative aspect of our own Divine Feminine energy and re-learn and remember the sacredness and power contained in our bodies and in our cycles.

When we have truly embraced and integrated this knowledge, we will be in the position to work with Gaia, using our Divine power, to transform and heal the damage done to our planet in ways we don’t yet understand. 

2. It is time for humanity to reconnect with itself.

So many of the problems and difficulties we experience in the world have their origins in feelings of disempowerment, and these are always caused by the vibration of fear.  Fear is an emotion we experience in response to a perceived threat – not only an actual threat, but often merely something we suppose to exist.

As humankind has evolved over the last few thousand years, we have built our structures and set up our systems, almost entirely without the energetic influence of the Divine Feminine.  Some of the most fundamental qualities of Divine Feminine energies are those of receptivity, openness, inclusivity and cooperation, but the absence of these aspects, from the core of so many of the fundamental mechanisms through which our societies operate, mean that we have become deeply, even genetically fearful.  (It is true that there are people trying to further manipulate us, in an attempt to generate even more fear, but the reason this is even able to happen is that our pre-existing societal expectations easily create the opportunities).
In a nutshell, our ‘response to a perceived threat’ has meant that we have become innately fearful of each other. I don’t just mean big, obvious fears, of attack or physical harm, but fears of being vulnerable, of being honest, of not being what others expect us to be.

It is time for us to shift away from this vibration of fear.

And the way in which we do, is to embrace those Divine Feminine qualities which have neglected for so long: to be receptive, open, inclusive and cooperative, and importantly, to anchor those aspects into our lives, so that what we create from here, comes from this new paradigm.

It means going deep inside of ourselves, facing our shadows, even going far, far back into our histories to discover the roots of our fears.  If we can re-visit those times and remember why we needed to protect ourselves by shunning our feminine qualities for so long, we will be able to properly heal.  This is why the Divine Feminine is returning now – to support this work. When we displace our own fear, and are no longer affected by it, we will cease to even allow the possibility of any more.  Then we will be able to create from a place of true empowerment and not from a fearful, protective reaction.

3. Answers will come from Intuition and Receptivity.

 Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

 The times that we are all living through are an incredible, transitioning moment.

Much of what we once relied upon for our support and our guidance and direction is breaking down before our eyes – our governmental structures, our monetary systems, our big media co-operations and our religious orders.

But building another system or designing another master plan will not produce a definitive change or be a real fix to any of our perceived human problems. This is because assertive, dominant, self-reliant methods are the origins of the very same structures we now distrust, and are trying to climb out of.   We have run out of time, and know too much now, to keep going round and round in circles.

It’s clear to most people that Einstein was right – we need a new way, but what is it?
It appears pretty simple to me.

The Divine Feminine is calling on us all to switch on our intuitive abilities and finally open up to receiving the immense amounts of guidance that will not come from trying to find answers.

The methods and codes we need to put into action, to mend the harm done on, and to our Earth exist – there is a whole Universe out there of immense intelligence that is poised to pass all of this knowledge to us (just consider Gaia’s immense power to self-heal), but first we need to shift ourselves into a slightly altered vibratory way of existing, in order to receive it.

Perhaps the biggest and most difficult shift of all, is to move from an attitude of self–reliance and defence, and the feeling that we are ‘going it alone’, to trusting in the support and protection of the Universe, Source, the Divine … whatever you wish to call It’s presence.

This will come with shifts in our perception, and through personal experience.  As more and more people wake up to the fact that we are creating our realities through our consciousness, so the enormous importance of mastering our minds and opening our hearts, to create from there, will grow too.  But the shift needs to happen for each and every one of us, within.

So Divine Feminine consciousness isn’t something that is happening ‘outside’ of us, it isn’t something you have to go and find, or be taught.  It is in each of us, and is working through each of us.  Our task is to listen to it.

And if you are reading this blog, and it is resonating with you, there’s a good chance that you are already tuning in – you are one of the Divine Feminine torchbearers!  You have chosen the assignment of manifesting this energy into the world, to encourage and enhance it’s rise for others.

I don’t believe that we can honestly, confidently place our trust in our external societal structures anymore.  (Perhaps that day will come again).  But those we create between ourselves, from the new consciousness of mutual love, care, authenticity and connectedness to Gaia, will be the literal building blocks for whatever our changing Earth requires of us, and the time for this change has come.

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