Luna is waxing through Aquarius for just another couple of hours this morning, until entering Pisces at 09:57 GMT.

Here, she comes to the last zodiacal sign, and although we are standing right at the beginning of this vast and new calendar year, and only at the first waxing crescent of this month long Capricornian lunar cycle, here, Pisces marks the ending of an emotional cycle.

It will mean very different things for each of us – for some it may be evident, for others evasive or insignificant.

It’s important to remember that although we like boundaries and clarity and clean, clear lines to be drawn, it is not always like that in real (and in spiritual) life.  The changes that we usher in, or that are ushered in for us, rarely come exactly when we expect them.

So as we cross the date lines, change numerical markers, and as worlds turn and planets spin, don’t be dismayed if they don’t all spiral together and align in just the way you’d like.  All IS perfection in motion, but our perspectives sometimes cloud the view.

Your new start may be just about to happen.

The old you may be still bowing out, still in the room.

Both, either, all timelines are what is right for you, right now.

Let whatever releases need to happen, happen.

Let go of whatever this Pisces Moon needs you to.

The Moon flows and ebbs, ebbs and flows and we do to.

So let surrender happen today.