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The Moon School is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, information, experiences, and stories to help each of us live richer, more empowered and authentic lives.

Here, this begins with understanding the innate and intricate connections we have to lunar cycles.

As our Moon makes her (almost) twenty seven and a quarter day transit around planet Earth, the light reflected from the sun waxes and wanes upon her surface, according to the positioning of these three celestial bodies. Sometimes our Moon swings close, sometimes further away, and the gravitational pull affects all of the water here, from the vast Oceans to the minute cells within our own bodies.

We know this.

But what about the fluctuating electromagnetic pockets, interacting with our own fields, and the energetic shifts?

What about the corresponding emotional ebbs and flows, the surges and retreats of activity?

The very same rhythms apply here, too, on these less tangible layers of our being. These undulating swells and currents are also moving our physical and emotional power, our perspectives, our power for creativity and nurturing (both ourselves and others) and our intuition and spiritual awareness.

There have been hundreds, even thousands of studies and scientific experiments looking into the effects that the Moon has on life on Earth. It seems that for every one that finds proof that more babies are born under full Moons, or that carrots grow better when the Moon is waning, another discovers the contrary.

But our Moon does not respond to this type of inquiry. The scientific method is a very left brained way of interacting with life: to systematically analyse, prove or disprove, test and then generate overarching rules and principles.

If you stop and listen to the Moon, take the time to attune, and follow her lead, then you will realize that this mode of thinking simply doesn’t work.

No. The energy that la Luna brings to the table is intuitive, emotion-based, feminine. It changes with the phase, the cycle, the year. Sometimes theories hold true and prove themselves without doubt (the grass stays wet on a Pisces moon, even on a baking midsummers day!) but at other times seem totally unreliable (the moon is full and all you seem to do is sleep).

La Luna won’t bring you what you don’t need.

So understand that attuning to her cycles isn’t about gaining knowledge and then applying (or testing) it.

It is about going deep within and realizing that the connection exists already. It is about attuning more deeply to yourself, your environment, your anxieties, your desires.

The Moon provides the constant backdrop, the structure, the template within which to work. She shows us when is the best time to dig and when is the best time to run.

Harness her energy and you will find the treasure, you will win the race.

In living from this place of natural, intuitive, lunar rhythm, we really can live deeper, more connected lives, and so begin to create the reality we truly desire.

About the Author


I’m Kat! It’s really good to meet you…

I’m a long-time Moon Maven, Mistress of her mysteries, and never-ending student of her ways. But my obsession goes waaaaay further than simple adoration.

I’ve spent over a decade watching, learning, exploring, experimenting, living, and dreaming the Moon. 

Offering daily lunar readings and personal guidance to a global following of tens of thousands, I’m highly skilled in reading the Moon’s energetic influence on both the collective, and on individuals. 

My work crosses over the thresholds of female shamanism, myth and folklore, astrology, and spiritual development.

And I’m SO delighted to share it with you!

You can harness the energy of la Luna, whatever her phase…

Join the hundreds of people who have already downloaded the Moon School Guide to Sacred Cycles e-book –

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